Children have the option of having lunch at school. Sharing a meal is a time for discovery as part of the Montessori pedagogy. Prepared menus are delivered by our supplier and include essentially organic and local fruits and vegetables. Fish will be available every day as well as a vegetarian option. Children are asked to set the table, serve themselves and clear the table. They are supervised by the team of educators during this moment of conviviality and mutual assistance. The price of the meal is 5,20€ per day.


Outside school hours, the school will provide services to support families: day care, Wednesdays and school holidays. During this extracurricular time, children continue to grow playfully, on school grounds. In the care of Filapi (Babilou group), a partner who shares our approach to education, adults are considerate, trustworthy and innovative. The team is attentive to each child’s pace, serving their well-being. Registration options are very flexible and a discount is available for school families.