Bilingualism, as openness to the world

Our nursery school offers children aged 2 to 6 the opportunity to practice two languages. The child is immersed in a truly bilingual French and English environment on a daily basis. In class, each teacher addresses and introduces the children in their own language. Pupils can absorb and discover the practice of English at their own pace.

Bilingualism has many advantages, but as with the rest of our pedagogy, what seems essential to us is the cultural openness and cognitive stimulation that learning another language implies. Each language is a different cultural space. By moving from one to another, the child discovers a new way of thinking, learning and acting. They acquire greater mental flexibility.

According to studies carried out over the last 30 years, bilingual children have a greater capacity to think than their monolingual peers, are more able to form and assimilate complex concepts, and are better able to integrate different cultures and ways of thinking.

Any child can achieve fluency in two languages if given the right conditions.