School Holidays

A week abroad while sleeping at home every night!

The School Holidays package includes Monday to Friday from 8:15am to 7pm:

  • A balanced and varied meal (afternoon only) prepared by a nutritionist and offered in English
  • Access to the “English Club” workshop (*100% immersion) given every half day by our English-speaking teachers
  • Access to a bilingual cultural and artistic program (art, yoga, theater, music, science, etc.) developed by our French and English-speaking supervisors
  • Games and activities in local parks (depending on the program and weather)
  • Access to all the center’s facilities

During the school vacations, Pari-Grandir becomes a real little bilingual leisure center! Many cultural and artistic activities are offered, as well as many outings of all kinds.

As for Wednesdays, these extracurricular activities are led by English and French speakers. Each speaker communicates with the children only in his/her own language. The learning of English is done in immersion, as much through games as through daily life.

The vacation weeks are organized according to themes, such as radio or time travel. Around the same theme, the children participate in various manual, musical, oral and written expression workshops. These workshops are adapted to the age of the children, and each day ends with a quiet time.