Happy Mercredi

A linguistic stay… while staying in Paris!

Enrolment in the Happy Wednesday package includes on Wednesday from 9am to 7pm:

  • The pick-up of the children at the end of the school day (depending on the formula, see list of establishments with the organiser)
  • A balanced and varied snack (afternoon only), elaborated by a nutritionist and offered in English
  • Access to the “English Club” workshop (*100% immersion) given every half day by our English-speaking teachers
  • Access to a bilingual cultural and artistic programme (art, yoga, theatre, music, science, etc.) developed by our French and English-speaking supervisors
  • Games and activities in the local parks (depending on the programme and the weather)
  • Access to all the centre’s facilities

Each week, families registered with Pari-Grandir receive the following week’s programme directly by email, allowing them to follow their child’s activities.

The children are divided into two or three groups according to their age. These groups can change according to the affinities and abilities of the children. For the activities intended for the different age groups, they will be given different tasks to carry out joint projects.

Every two months, families receive a secure link and a temporary password allowing them to view and download the memories of the past period via a dedicated photo site.