Annual tuition fees

EMBL is an independant private school.

For full-time reception (8:30 am-4:15pm) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

  • the annual school fees are 10,900 euros for the Children’s Community (2-3 years) or 10,400 euros for the Maison des Enfants (3-6 years)
  • the annual canteen costs are 1,190 euros

Tuition and canteen fees are collected quarterly according to the schedule below:

Period of education concernedAssociated tuition feesAssociated canteen costsCollection dates
At the registration1 000 euros
1st trimester – September to December3 300 ou 3 133 euros396 euros1st June N (01/08/N)
2nd trimester – January to March3 300 ou 3 133 euros397 euros1st December N (01/12/N)
3rd quarter – April to July3 300 ou 3 133 euros397 euros1st March N+1 (01/03/N+1)

No registration fees or entrance fees are required. Tuition fees include supplies.

School fees do not include canteen, daycare and extracurricular activities.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information:

  • by email at
  • by phone at 06 63 30 86 58