The 2 to 3 year-old class

Our introductory classroom is a customized living environment which meets the small child’s basic needs. The goal is to prepare each child for the environment in which he/she will grow and for the beginning of socialisation.

Sensitive periods

At this tender age, the child goes through « sensitive periods », phases during which he/she is naturally inclined to learn enthusiastically. It is also a time when children develop through effort. The educator supports them in facing all the challenges they set for themselves on their own, while respecting their pace and personality. Step by step, the educator helps and guides them through these sensitive periods characteristic of each age: the sensitive period of order, the sensitive period of movement coordination, the sensitive period of interest in small objects.

A time of exploration for the child

Order and movement are at the heart of our introductory class. We provide the children with movement and awareness courses so that they can become conscious of their own bodies; develop their muscles and their psychomotricity.

During this essential period of language acquisition, we offer several types of activities to promote their development and encourage toddlers to use new words: different terminologies for pictures and objects, association of cards and objects, games, sound study…

We provide material for drawing, collage, painting and clay to let the child express his/her creativity. These activities are always led according to their needs with a view to never halt their momentum.

The child evolves with the opportunity of living experiences and interacting in an adequate environment. Our team of educators is here to satisfy their intellectual and manual curiosity and to stimulate their natural learning tools. In our introductory class, the children progress step by step towards a happy and seamless transition into the 3 to 6 year-old class.

Montessori from early childhood