Our partners

Bilingual Montessori partner schools

If you are moving, a priority place can be reserved for you throughout the year in one of our partner schools, depending on the availability of places.

EMBL - Ecole maternelle Montessori bilingue - Montessori's Cool

Founding date: 2011

Address: 17th arrondissement

Children’s age: from 3 to 12 yo

Founding date: 1972

Addresses: 5th, 7th, 8th & 16th

Children’s age: from 2 to 12 yo

Founding date: 2005

Addresses: 6th, 7th & 16th

Children’s age: from 2 to 6 yo

Founding date: 2016

Address: 15th arrondissement

Children’s age: from 2 to 6 yo

Pari Grandir

Pari-Grandir, created in 2011, is the first network of bilingual edutainment centres in France. It is our partner for after-school care, on Wednesdays and during the school holidays.

With 10 years of experience, they have already welcomed more than 4,000 children in several centres located in the Ile-de-France region.

Our partnership was born naturally from our fundamental and common values: the importance of bilingualism and the priority given to caring for children.

The extra-curricular activities run by Pari-Grandir are open primarily to children enrolled in our school, but we also welcome external children.

The Pari-Grandir team, composed of qualified professionals, will take over and welcome your children directly into our premises in small groups.


Ekilibre, a privileged collective catering company, works in collaboration with local companies and favours short circuits. They favour fresh and seasonal products, while ensuring that they meet their quality criteria. Their dietetic team helps them to draw up the menus to guarantee a balanced diet for everyone. The kitchen is located in Aubergenville, near Paris.

Eating well: their “Ekilibre”

Every day, Ekilibre introduces new ingredients into the traditional cuisine to give another dimension to the dishes that children are used to eating, in order to educate their taste while providing them with the nutritional values necessary for their growth.

Organic and sustainable agriculture products 

Ekilibre integrates organic products in its menus in order to offer children more natural foods that retain all their flavours. In addition, for a better respect of the environment, Ekilibre favours products from sustainable agriculture and short circuits.

A playful approach

More colours, more taste, a more playful presentation, Ekilibre innovates in school catering to encourage children to “taste”. For example, the separation of vegetables allows children to better identify tastes, but also to choose whether or not to mix them.


Are you looking for a childcare solution for your children? Since 2009, Mômji has been offering several childcare services in Paris and 10 other French cities.

Mômji Bilingue: a home childcare service in a foreign language. The best way to learn a language from an early age and in a natural way.

Mômji Créative: a different kind of childcare, based on creative activities that can easily be carried out on a daily basis to impact the development of your children according to their age!

The main objectives of the agency are to awaken curiosity, develop the autonomy of each child and spread bilingualism in France.

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