An active, humanistic and personalized pedagogy

Our ambition is to create a preschool that makes children want to go to school to learn, assert and develop their individuality. Our goal is to shape knowledgeable, independent, curious and socially-responsible children who are open to the world and will become confident, happy and accomplished adults in the future.

Our pedagogical project outlines our school’s intended goals in terms of transfer of knowledge, but also how it will work on a daily basis, and interact with pupils to help them grow and develop. This project is focused on the child and is based on a detailed pedagogical triptych.


A preschool that gives children the envy to learn and to go to school

1. Acquire and master fundamental skills

Our objective is to enable all pupils to master the fundamental learnings of preschool education. Help each child become independent and acquire knowledge and skills. Rigorously and progressively consolidate these lessons thanks to tailored tools. A program structured around several broad areas of study such as language, reading and writing, numbers, artistic activities, discovering the world etc.


2. Gain confidence and establish independence

Our mission goes beyond learning. It is to make our school a living space that is kind and open to the world, which helps the children acquire self-awareness, become progressively self-sufficient and learn how to learn. We want to give the children a school where they are happy to come every morning and where their parents are happy to drop them off. A school where they have the opportunity to joyfully thrive academically.

3. Practice English from a young age

Our priority is to provide a French-English bilingual environment from a very young age via co-education with a French and English speaking pair of educators in each classroom. In a world increasingly focused on international expansion, learning a second language is an asset and demonstrates important cultural open-mindedness. It is essential that the child be taught during the sensitive language period, which is between 1 and 6 years old, because during this period, it can be easily learned like a mother tongue.

Bilingualism, openness to the world

Our preschool invites children from 2 to 6 years old to practice two languages. The child is immersed in a real French and English bilingual environment every day. In class, each educator speaks to the children and does presentations in his own language. The pupils can, at their own pace, absorb and discover the English language. Bilingualism presents many advantages. Like with the rest of our pedagogy, what we believe to be essential are cultural openness and the cognitive stimulation that language learning entails. Each language is a different cultural area. By switching from one to the other, the child discovers a new way of thinking, learning, behaving. He/she acquires a greater mental flexibility. According to studies carried out over these last 30 years, a bilingual child shows greater thinking abilities than his monolingual counterpart, can learn more easily and has a greater aptitude to absorb complex notions, and integrate different cultures and ways of thinking. Every child can master two languages if they evolve in favorable conditions.

This video was shot for the start of the 2019 school year