A Montessori school: school of self-development

L’école Montessori Bilingue of Levallois Perret uses the Maria Montessori pedagogy as teaching approach. This pedagogy is famous worldwide for developing each child’s full potential. Our pedagogical project focuses on providing each pupil with an education that respects their own pace, strengths and desires. One of the biggest assets of Maria Montessori’s works was the conception of specific and scientifically-studied material to best promote the child’s development.



Therefore, every one of our classrooms is organized in a way that allows the child to act as autonomously as possible and provides them with material tailored to their specific needs. Its purpose is to allow the child to isolate concepts and experience a willingness to learn by choice rather than by obligation. They become actively involved in their own development by discovering for themselves in a stimulating, welcoming and respectful learning environment.

A little video about Montessori pedagogy